“Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful, inspiring counsel when I was hurting so badly from the volatile break-up of a long-time friendship.  You took the time to be patient with my many complaints, saw through these complaints to what was really wrong and pointed them out to me.

What you said (and how you said it!) made so much sense that it was as if I had been suddenly shaken awake.

You made me realize things that would have been impossible for me to see myself.  No wonder folks flock to you!

You generously gave me tools; this is what is priceless!  Thank you, Sally.”

“After years of doing therapy and tantric work, I thought I’d heard it all, but Sally cut right through to essential core truths that really made my head and heart turn around about my relationship with men, sex and my body.

She’s a winning combination of down to earth practicality, womanly wisdom and just plain fun!”
Katie L. Anderson, M.A.

“I’ve known Sally Landau for a few years now, and she is such a lovely woman, lively, charismatic, friendly, likeable, motivating, genuine. Dating in L.A. is BRUTAL to say the least and unless you have the right skills to find the partner best suited for you, you could be in for quite a ride. That is where Sally comes in. She is a professional and an excellent one, too. If you like to have a coach help you discover “your date with fate,” she would be a great person to have in your corner.”
Deborah Fields-Perez, Dance Instructor, By Your Side Productions

“Sally is an absolute marvel in the field of relationships and dating. I witnessed her incredible insights and expertise firsthand at a recent workshop, and can give glowing testimony to the impact she had on those who sought her advice. With laser-like precision and compassion that is second-to-none, people were taken gently but decisively to higher levels of romantic self-expression. If you feel stuck or overwhelmed with ANY relationship issue, I recommend you seek coaching from Sally—pronto!”
Debra Lindegren, Founder, AuthenticallySpeaking.net

“When I first met Sally Landau, I thought ‘dating coach? Huh? Why would ANYone need that?’ And then I had my first session, and I was hooked. She’s insightful, witty and present. I never thought I’d be admitting this, but not only is there much to learn from Sally about dating and relationships, she actually made me realize it can be fun!”
Annette Wagner

“Sally Landau’s “Your Date with Fate” presentation at a seminar caught my attention. I am a woman in my late fifties, divorced for almost 20 years, that is still optimistically on the hunt for that last date with fate. After working with Sally I finally feel like I have passed Dating 101! Through Sally’s coaching I was able to understand much more clearly who I am and what is most important to me in terms of relationship. I learned some insider tips on how to select the best online dating sites for me, and to successfully screen the men who I am interested in and who are interested in me. I am now able to quickly recognize who I want to spend my time and emotional energy on and who I don’t – even if they are good guys who think I am their date with fate! I feel really comfortable and in the present with dating, and more optimistic than ever about the possibility of that last date with fate!”
Jesica Baker

“So glad I met you! I have been telling all of my friends about making a list of “feelings” instead of “qualities in a man.” Great advice.”
Julianna Y.

“I’ve worked with Sally in several workshops and she has exceptional communication skills. She always brings her warmth, joy and intelligence to the participants of each workshop. Sally has proven to be an inspiration in the lives of those she touches. I would recommend Sally to anyone interesting in being successful in their dating life.”
Dan Fauci

“Sally has that great combination of insight, love and humor. When she speaks one is drawn to pause…you want to make sure that you don’t miss a morsel!”
Donna Thomas

“…and I still say, it all began with you. I get all choked up when I think about it. I owe you so much, you cannot imagine.”
Brooks Thomas

“I am very glad I spoke with Sally about my relationship. She is very knowledgeable. Sally gave me practical advice that I use all the time, which helped me and my marriage.”

“Your outlook on life gives me a unique, positive way to look at my own life.”

“I always thought I could achieve goals on my own…..until I realized years had passed and I’d gotten no where. Thank you, Sally.”
Mary Temperstein

“A heartfelt thank you for being a diligent, caring, incredible coach. I enjoyed every minute of the work and the results and more than I hoped for.“
Miki Woodward

“You have a unique ability to respond to people. You are inspiring, supportive, and can offer good, practical advice.”
S.T., San Francisco

“I have been divorced and alone for eight dreary years. Sally Landau changed my life by teaching me not only how to date, but I also have fun!”
Theresa Mann

“The life coach session I had with Sally Landau was truly amazing, something I would recommend to anybody at any time. I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little nervous but the setting is very comfortable and open and still to the point.

I left the session feeling excited, clear-minded, stronger, focused, motivated and ready to face life with a whole new, much more positive attitude.”
Sophia Neghesti

“When Sally asked me what kind of coach I wanted: gentle, moderately strong or kick ass, I opted for kick ass, and then she actually gave me what I asked for! Stunned initially, I found myself inspired to get each week’s actions accomplished, and I achieved my three goals inside of 90 days. Can’t wait to sign up for the next round.“
S.P., Los Angeles